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As of the 1st April 2013, I will be offering my readers the chance to advertise on Outside Beauty, Inside Health. 

I am only offering 4 advertising spaces each month! This means I can give each of you a weeks worth of extra special care and attention! 

The four advertising packages will run from the first to the last day of each month and payments will be made through Paypal. 

Once payment has been made you will need to email me your advert, link to your blog/site and a paragraph about your blog/site that will be featured in my monthly "Super Sponsors" post.

Super Sponsor Advert package
4 slots available each month
250x250 linked ad in my sidebar
Featured in my monthly "Super Sponsors" post including links to all of your social media platforms along with a little introduction written by you all about your post/site. 
A mention and link on the bottom of each of my posts for 1 week (I post at least 3 posts a week).
An individual #FF every Friday of your advertising month on Twitter. 
A shout-out on Pinterest, Tumblr and Google Plus during your advertising month including a photo of your blog and your link. 

My stats are available upon request.
Readers- 8382 via all platforms (30-09-13)
GFC Followers- 921 | Bloglovin Followers- 1058 | Twitter- 1760 | tumblr- 3254| Instagram 804 | 
Pinterest- 203 | SheSaidBeauty- 29 | Google Plus- 125| Youtube- 114| Facebook- 114
(recently joined a number of these sites)

If wish to secure an ad space with me, please email me at

I am happy to discuss other packages with companies wishing to book and develop longer term adverting and would be pleased to hear from you via email at

I remain the right to decline advertising offers that I don't feel are fitting with the content of my blog. 
Advertising rates may vary in the future depending on stats.