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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wednesday Workout| Results with Lucy| Lucy TOWIE Workout

results with lucy towie review

I don’t know if you have noticed on Twitter, I certainly have, but Lucy Mecklenburgh from TOWIE has launched a new fitness video website and subscription service with the aim of making you look as good as her on the beach; Now I have to admit the girl looks good and its great that she’s promoting healthy living and inspiring former couch potato's to workout, but she’s not a personal fitspiration of mine, because I think it’s a bit unrealistic to think that I would ever look like her as to me she has always been slim and not struggled with her weight like I have. Plus I like a little bit more muscle tone. However I know millions of girls who would do anything for a body such as hers, so for you, she has shared her workout regime in an attempt to show you how to get #abslikelabs

Anyways after hearing about the website I was disappointed to find that there are no videos as of yet, just daily suggested mini circuits to complete at home. By the sounds of it I think when the website launches some areas of it will only be accessible after paying a fee as she is currently offering 2 free 1 year subscriptions if you sign up now.

So as the workout are just written down on Twitter or Facebook I decided to make a few little pictures so they are easier to follow and look better. The workouts themselves are designed by her trainer Cecilia and are mini circuits to be completed at home. The idea is that you complete a different circuit each day so are getting your 30 mins of exercise. as they are circuits the idea is to perform them quickly and to get your heart rate up so you are burning calories! For people who already workout a lot these workout may not be intense enough so do them a few times through, they are great if you want a quick workout.

result with lucy towie workoutresults with lucy towie all body workoutresults with lucy towie workoutresults with lucy workout video

It think these workouts are great for those who are pushed for time and want to burn calories quickly, but as with all circuits you get out what you out in. So make sure you perform each move correctly and quickly. If you move quickly between each movement you will burn more calories. They aren’t the most technical or imaginative or circuits so for those who workout often they may not be ideal but give them ago and let me know how you get on.

Had you seen Lucy’s new website? What do you think of it, effective and fun or nothing you haven’t seen before? I would love to know what you think.

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  1. ah thank you so much. i was wondering what results with lucy would be like. the workout circuits look like the ones you could get off tumblr (#fitblr)
    but you're right! they look awesome for shortage of time


    1. Yeah they are pretty much the same workouts, but now just celebrity endorsed :D

  2. Nice workouts..idea of her page looks great.


    1. Great if you have the money, but I prefer my Youtube free workouts :D

  3. OOOO great to have these up thanks :)

  4. No I haven't, gosh she looks great! Want to try these out myself(:

    Great post! x

  5. Does anyone know what equipment they use as the workouts progress? I'm tempted to sign up and try this as I can't afford a real personal trainer but if it means spending a lot on gizmos and gadgets then I'd have to think about it.

    Thanks for posting though! x

    1. I think form hat I've seen all she uses is dumbells, kettle bells and an exercise matt, so not too expensive of an outlay :D

  6. Thank you so much, I have been looking for the Results With Lucy workout program and you have created very cute images with the workouts :)

    I have pinned them to my "Fitspo" board:

    Here's to beach bodies :D

  7. your are looking so fit and beautiful i really like your idea to give some advises about the benefits of using lucky workout programs.i really like your attitude.
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