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Monday, 26 November 2012

Motivation Monday| Festive Flat Tum Challenge Week 3


tumblr_mauuooX7301rhpoa9o1_500-tiletumblr_md9f64FoL11rkbfwbo1_500-tile*Images taken from Tumblr*

I am writing this post to give both you and myself some motivation as this past week my motivation has been zero!! I am actually appalled at the lack of exercise and control I have had over my diet, I have been a inspiration to no one this week, so I apologise to you, but mostly to myself! I need a good kick up the bum, and need to get my bum into shape!

I have picked my favourite pictures from Tumblr this past week, to motivate myself and you. Who doesn’t love picture of girls looking fit and fab, while working out hard! And  a good motivational poster always makes me want to go outside and run! I think my favourite picture this week is the Princess Tshirt.. I definitely need that to go running in… very cute!

So this next week is a fresh start, I am sticking to my Festive Flat Tum Challenge calendar, and I’m going to incorporate my new Zumba game* into my workout regime to see if it really will give my abs a good workout as it promises. I will also be trying out the below Holiday Squat-athon regime.  As I said before, I need a kick up the bum and need to get it into shape. I have a couple of dresses that are too small at the moment, with the hips and bum area being the worst fitting area, so I really need to loose a good couple of inches off them, and hope this regime as well as my Festive Flat Tum Challenge will help tone my bum up so I can fit into the dresses by Christmas. It’s a big ask, but I’ve got to try!


Squats are a great exercise move, and so simple! I’m going to try and get into the habit of doing my squats while brushing my teeth or while waiting for the kettle to boil… might as well make use of the time rather than stand still! I have also shared the poster next to the Holiday Squat-athon picture, as this shows you that you only need to do three simple moves often to workout out your whole bum and get a lovely toned one for Christmas! So aim to do the squats mentioned in the Holiday Squat-athon picture, but also incorporate lunges and jumping jacks into your fitness regime to get that perfect peachy bum!

How has your week been… inspiring or disappointing? Are you going to join me in the Holiday Squat-athon? Or are you still working on my Festive Flat Tum Challenge? Where do you get your fitspiration from?

Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Crafty Christmas

photo (71)-tilefffff

Firstly thank you to everyone for your Birthday wishes on my previous post! It means so much to have such lovely, supportive readers and followers, and I’m over the moon that my little blog is one year old!

Anyways onto the reason for this post! After seeing many of my fellow bloggers sharing their Christmas craft ideas, I thought I would take the plunge myself. Someone had mentioned on their blog that creating gift tags out of pictures of your pets is a great personal touch to gift giving, plus a very cheap alternative! (If you are the blogger who suggested this, please let me know, as I have completely forgot who it was… a to hazard reading so many blogs!) I had also played with the idea of making my own gift wrap, but decided one craft afternoon was enough for me this year… maybe next year I’ll do more! I will talk you through how to make the gift tags above;

1- Firstly you need a willing volunteer, who will become your muse! I used both my dogs, one is photogenic (George the black and white one) the other could not be less impressed with a camera (Archie the ginger one). George even got into the Christmas spirit and allowed me to decorate him with ribbons…he’s such a daft pretty dog!

2- So after you have your picture of your pet you need to make the picture Christmassy. I did this by super imposing a Christmas hat onto each of the dogs, and writing a greeting on them. I then printed the pictures out on card.

3- I decided to add some glitter to my tags to make them a bit more special. I added glitter to certain areas by using a wooden skewer, however anything with a pointed edge will work fine.  I dipped my skewer into a PVA glue and dabbed in onto the areas I wanted to.

4- Next you need to sprinkle glitter onto the card, which will then stick to the areas that are glued. Try to shuffle the card around so you can cover all the tags evenly. Then stand the card vertically and tap it onto some newspaper so the excess glitter falls off the page.

5- Once you have added glitter detailing to all your tags you can them cut them up and use a hole-punch to make a clean hole for your ribbon.

6- You can now thread ribbon or string through the hole, so that the tag can be attached to your parcel.

7- You now have your pretty personalised Christmas tags, ready to be attached to your Christmas gifts. I think these tags add a little something extra to your gifts and make them stand out from the others underneath the tree.

So what do you think? Do you like the idea of homemade gift wrap and tags? Have you been getting crafty for Christmas? Do you regularly give homemade gifts on special occasions?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Blog| One Year Old



2888 friends and supporters, 1829 Comments, 365 days, 177 blog posts and 1 Blog Award final later my blog and I have arrived at our first ever birthday!

A year has passed since I started Outside Beauty Inside Health and I could not have foreseen how much it would change my life. This time last year I yearned for somewhere to express myself, so I sat and started typing on my first ever blog post, not knowing that it would soon become my full time hobby and passion. I was at first unsure about putting myself out there; there is something quite vulnerable about sharing your life on the internet, but deep down I knew I wanted to share my thoughts with the world. So thank god I had the courage to take the plunge, and a year ago I sat alone on a rainy November afternoon and wrote my first blog post.

I could not have imagined the incredible amount of support, love, community and readership it has gained! This year I have seen some of the kindest and most generous behaviour from a group of people who I have never met before, many who I now count as friends. I love to see how far my blog has grown and developed in the past year; I have been able to connect and collaborate with other talented bloggers and brands, been a finalist in the Cosmo blog Awards, and gained a job all because of the time, dedication and effort I put into my little corner of the internet.

However many opportunities I have gained, it will not replace the genuine love I now have for blogging. I enjoy every aspect of it; thinking of ideas and features, buying and trying new products, taking pictures and editing photos, tapping away at my keyboard and seeing my thoughts come together in a blog post, interacting with others on social media and reading others blogs.

Overall I love being able to inspire, entertain and encourage others with my ramblings. I can’t imagine my blogging life without all of you! You are all so wonderful and inspiring and I love interacting with you all. So thank you everyone for listening (well mostly reading) to my ramblings, thank you for your overwhelming support! I can’t wait for many more blogging years to come!

So to celebrate my one year blog birthday I wanted to share with you the favourite posts of both myself and my some of my loved ones.

You- Fitness Friday- A New Fitness Favourite- Many of you have commented how much you enjoy my Fitness Friday posts, and this post is the all time most popular on my blog. I love that these posts inspire you to try something new and hopefully to become more healthy!

Mum- Fitness Friday- Row Row Row Your Boat- Mum and I both had such a laugh trying this new fitness regime out. The pictures are pretty funny too! I’m looking forward to trying it again next spring.

Steve- Think Pink- Breast Cancer Awareness- This one is a favourite of many of my family members because of how important and personal it is to us all. I hope you took the time to read it!

Matt- Five Years- This is my boyfriend’s favourite post, probably because it is dedicated to him!

Mine- What A Week- Cosmo Blog Awards- This is my favourite post, short and sweet, but one of the highlights of my year. Every time I see it I remember how shocked and immensely happy I was to be a finalist in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. It’s when I finally accepted that my blog was more than a silly little hobby but something to be proud of and something to finally share with my family and friends, rather than keep a secret.

I would love to know what your favourite post of mine over the past year was? What is your favourite thing about blogging? How long have you been blogging for?

Friday, 16 November 2012

Fitness Friday| Festive Flat Tum Week 1| Highs & Lows



*Images from Tumblr*

As many of you will know this past week I have been following my Festive Flat Tum Challenge, and as a result will be posting regular Fitness Friday posts on my highs and lows of the week gone by, plus some motivation for both you and I. This weeks are as follows;


This week I did not get off to as strong of a start as I wanted. I have been really struggling to wake up in the mornings... why is it so dark?! So have missed my morning workouts which is not good! I must do better next week! I have been trying to get to bed earlier so I will get into a routine of falling asleep earlier so I will find waking up less of a struggle!


Diet! This week my eating has been great, I’ve been eating clean and feel great because of it! I have not eaten crisps or chocolate, my only treat has been a cupcake on Cake Day at work, so I am giving myself a pat on the back for this!

I am also really pleased that I have ran 2 5k’s this week, although they are not the quickest, I am still pleased as this is the longest I have ran on the treadmill so far. I can run 5k outside easily as it is more interesting, but the treadmill bores me so much! So to stay on it for longer than 15 minutes is torture!

This next week I aim to get up earlier in the mornings and get my morning workout in, as well as keep up my daily cardio with the aim to run another 3 5ks! This next week I am going to take my body measurements, and some pictures, so I have something to mark my progress with. I am not weighing myself as believe this only demotivates myself. Anyways measuring inches lost is a much healthier way to analyse your health and fitness than being obsessed with the weighting scale. Scales do not take in to account muscle gained, and a toned body is much healthier and sexier than a skinny body with no definition! 

Are you stepping up your health and fitness in time to look great for Christmas? What have you done this week to make yourself proud? What fitspiration do you use to keep yourself motivated?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Natural Science For Your Skin| Monu Skincare Review


photo (13)eee-tileuuuu-tile

Monu Skincare is a new brand to me, having not heard of them before they contacted me asking if I would like to review their products. As a girl who does struggle with my skin I obviously jumped at the chance to try a new skincare regime. I was asked about my skin type and any issues I have with my skin, and then sent the products that would best suit my skin type and help offer the results I needed. I received a lovely package in the post; the products in a handy wash bag and an informative brochure.

I received the Line Smoothing Beauty Bag, retailing at £29.95, which is designed for normal or combination skin, or those with fine lines, first lines and expression line. I agree I have combination skin, however I’m not sure on the fine lines! I seem to have been given quite a lot of products for fine and first lines recently and I’m starting to get a little paranoid! I must be looking older than my 23 years! Anyways enough about me and onto the review.

The Company

In case you are new to the brand, like me, I will give them a little introduction. Monu believe in quality, purity and authenticity; their products being designed to bring out the best in the user, using only the best of nature. They use only pure, natural ingredients such as plants, herbs, minerals and essential oils. No damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes or synthetic colours, and definitely no testing on animals!

The Products

  • Active Cleanser and Toner

Monu- “This milky cleanser and refreshing toner, leave skin thoroughly cleansed, balanced, toned and comfortable.”

I completely agree, the cleanser was gorgeous, very creamy and it applied like a dream. When rubbing into your skin it was both soft and refreshing, and my makeup was completely removed after using the cleanser twice and the toner once. The Witch Hazel in the toner really helped reduce the size of my pore over the period of use.

  • Skin Perfector

Monu- “An award winning weightless cream that instantly soothes imperfections and enhances natural radiance. Its soft focus technology has an instant smoothing effect, giving your skin a flawless, fresh and incredibly smooth complexion”

This has to be one of my favourite products in a long time! I used it as a day cream; it sunk into my skin well and gave a great based for my makeup. It is described as being a BB cream but it doesn’t have any colour in it, so I would say it is more of a primer. My skin was left as smooth as a baby's bum and looking fresh, glowing and healthy.

  • Night Renewal Complex

Monu- “A rich complex of actives to help smooth and frim the skin whilst you sleep, leaving you with rejuvenated and renewed skin”

I love this night cream! It was very rich and creamy, but not heavy and “too rich” like I find many to be. It did not leave a residue on my skin and was absorbed quite quickly, but not too quickly, so I knew it was still working miracles.

  • Warming Aromatic Mask

Monu- “ The velvety smooth mask slightly warms on application to renew and invigorate the complexion”

Unfortunately I was not overly impressed with this product, it did warm slightly, not enough for my liking and left my skin clean. However I prefer other mud mask products on the market. (I am quite fussy with my facemasks)

  • Eye Cool Gel

Monu- “The refreshing gel instantly revives and tones tired eyes, reduces puffiness and dark circles”

Again I have to agree with Monu, this product did deliver results. My puffy morning eyes soon disappeared after applying this gel. However I prefer eye creams that are applied with a metal ball, as this helps to wake me up!

  • Extra Freebie! Monu Micro Exfoliant

Monu- “ Dual-action microdermabrasion. This powerful treatment delivers instantly radiant skin, refines skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine line and pores.”

Oh my word! Did some one replace my skin with someone else's! I have never tried microdermabrasion products before but I would definitely purchase this product! This exfoliant had the tiniest little beads that really got into every corner of your nose; great for those blackheads! Even better these tiny beads did not break up they were persistent little things, meaning you could give your skin a good scrub. Once the product was washed off I was left with the smoothest skin that was glowing… it was like I had new skin, no word of a lie! I was (as you can tell) made up with this product. Thank you Monu!


Overall I greatly enjoyed these products and definitely saw amazing results. I have used them for around 2 months now, so they have definitely lasted well, so they were great value for money! Plus I believe I have used them for an adequate amount of time to give an honest and realistic review. Overall my skin has been left incredibly soft, smooth and glowing. If I did have fine lines before there is little evidence of it now! The whole skin care regime that I developed when using these products has been an absolute treat, normally I use face wipes! However I have definitely been converted! My face actually feels clean and refreshed after going through the regime twice daily. The only negative to these products is that when first using them they have quite a strong smell, it is a floral smell so not pungent, its just a little over powering at first. Secondly as much as I love the sleek minimalistic packaging, the writing on the back of the bottles was very small and in a pale colour so it made reading it quite difficult.

Have you heard of Monu Skincare before? Have you tried any of their products? Which would you recommend?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Days Gone By| An Instagram Catchup


photo (6)-tilephoto-tile

I hadn’t actually realised how long it had been since I’ve done an Instagram post, so I thought I would give you a little catch up on the happenings in my life.

1- During the middle of October my gorgeous man took me for a romantic trip to Edinburgh for our 5 year anniversary. The highlight was definitely the trip to the zoo to visit the Pandas! I have always wanted to see them, and was completely overwhelmed when I did. You can see more about my trip here.

2- This was my look for Halloween this year. I don’t often take part in Halloween but I enjoyed dressing up for a change. I did a post on the evening here.

3- I have recently started a Festive Flat Tum Fitness Challenge for myself, and for any others who want to take part; you can find all the details here. There is myself and a few others taking part, so feel free to take charge of your body and feel and look amazing for Christmas by giving it a go.

4- I have already ruined one of my Christmas surprises by begging for Michael Buble tickets, so my boyfriend had to let on that he had already bought some for me. I am beyond excited for this and can’t believe I have to wait another 8 months for it.

5-We have recently started Cake Day at my work place, and this week was my turn. We had a Brownie off between myself and another member of staff. It was very close as to who was the winner but I think I just nipped it in the bud.

6- This past weekend I finally visited Quayside market. I have lived in Newcastle for 5 years and never had the chance as I always worked at the weekend. I was pleasantly surprised and found an amazing store; No Bones, which makes amazing dog treats at super cheap prices! Perfect Christmas presents for your four legged friend.

7- I have been running most days for around 3 months now and even though I’m not the fastest I am really enjoying it and am still lapping everyone who is sitting on the couch! I have definitely noticed a difference in my waist line, skin and confidence since I started back, and am aiming to run for 30mins each day as well as doing an additional toning/strength exercise each day.

8- For bonfire night I visited my family in Carlisle and we went to Carlisle Firework display which is really impressive, I think around 35000 people watch it so there is always a great atmosphere.

9- A healthy dinner made my Master Chef of a boyfriend. It’s one of my favourite salads and is very easy to make, it's a mixture of tomato, spring onion, shallots, and chorizo, with a vinegar dressing.

10- An outfit of the day from when I went for lunch with my girls this past Saturday. I miss them a lot, so it’s great to spend some quality time with them catching up and eating good food.

11- I also visited Fenwicks Christmas Window this past weekend; always a highlight of the year for me! It was very busy with people queuing half way down the high-street to see it, quite understandable as there is something magical about it and it’s always impressive.

12- Wearing my poppy with pride on Remembrance Sunday. I very nearly ran into a remembrance parade today, but managed to stop just in time of ruining it for everyone.. now that would of been beyond embarrassing!

If you don’t want to miss anything on my Instagram you can follow me at Cat_Storey.

What have you been busying yourself with these past few weeks? What have been your highlights? Are you getting ready and excited for Christmas?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Fitness Fridays| Festive Flat Tum Challenge

This week’s Fitness Friday is a little more personal. I am setting myself a challenge of getting a festive flat tum! We have 6 weeks and 4 days until Christmas, or 46 days, really not long! However it is long enough to do something about your body if you want to! I know this time of year is busy and stressful, with parties to organise and attend, deadlines at work and university and Christmas shopping to be done, but if you can spare half an hour to an hour a day and make small changes to your diet you will notice a difference in your waistline, and will look amazing in your Christmas party dress... just imagine the dress!

By starting now, and by pushing yourself you will look and feel amazing, but more importantly will be the most confident you! I personally can’t wait to look drop dead gorgeous in my Christmas party dress, and turn some heads this year. Over the next 46 days I am challenging myself and you to become toned, motivated and confident.

I am aiming to tone up my hips, bum and tum (hence the title) and am going to share with you how I plan on achieving this as well  as keep you updated with on-going posts about all my highs and lows, meal ideas and workout reviews.

easy newchallenge new
Diet- “Eat Clean, Eat Often”
With the endless Mince Pies, Christmas Chocolates, buffet tables and cocktails surrounding you over the next 46 days, it is vital that you are full of healthy food all the time to help you avoid temptation. I aim to;
  • Eat 5 times a day- 3 meal and 2 snacks
  • Eat clean(er)- Swap my snacks of crisps and cereal bars for fruit and nuts. If it comes from a packet it’s not going near my mouth.
  • Reduce the carbs and up the protein- My dinner is always low carb, however I eat carbs for breakfast and aim to swap this for a more protein full breakfast, by replacing my cereal bars for egg; boiled or scrambled.
  • Keep the alcohol to a minimum! I am doing pretty well at this since I have moved home, but still need to keep control of it at the weekends... no bottle of wines in front of the television on a Friday night.
An example of a typical days meal plan;
Breakfast- Yoghurt and fruit with scrambled egg, bacon & tomato/ boiled egg.
Snack- Green smoothie/ fruit/ nuts
Lunch- Soap (homemade ideally) or vegetable crudités with houmous.
Snack- Fruit/ nuts
Dinner-Chicken or fish with vegetables
Exercise- “Go hard or Go Home”
This is where I am going to excel! Go hard or go home as they say!
I already try to run at least 2 miles a day, 5 times a week, which has significantly helped my waist line over the past couple of months. I aim to continue this and also add another workout, so I will be working out twice a day, one workout will be cardio based, the other will be strength and toning.
The running will make up my 30 minutes of cardio but you can choose a different cardio exercise if running is not your thing. You could try swimming, skipping, aerobics, Zumba, cycling or even a brisk walk.
For my second exercise I plan on concentrating on toning by using a variety of workout videos. I am going to use the 30 Day shred workout, varying between levels 2 and 3 as they both use different muscles, as well as using the workout videos form the lovely Tone It Up girls, who have a Holiday Hotties workout challenge going for themselves at the moment. These workouts tend to last around 30 minutes, so I won’t be over doing it as I will only be working out for around 1 hour a day.
You can find the workouts below: (Note: the videos do not below to me, and I am not responsible for the content of 3rd party sites.)  
I have included two workout calendars, one the “Go hard or Go Home” option which I will be using, and another less strenuous plan for those just starting to workout or who don’t workout often. Yes they are both a challenge, but that is the fun of it! With your health and fitness you get back what you put in! If you workout hard and often then your body will soon see results, and you will look fab for Christmas.
I have designed the calendars to match my schedule and Christmas plans, but feel free to change them. Also one last tip; please make sure to stretch well after all your workouts!  

I will be posting regularly throughout this challenge, with updates on my Twitter and two blog posts a week. One will be Motivation Mondays, which will include a load of motivational pictures and sayings to keep you on track, the second will be a Fitness Friday, which will share my highs and lows, along with healthy meal ideas and workout video reviews.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter so you can keep up to date with the latest posts and I can spur you on with your own fitness kick.

Let me know if you do want to join me, I need all the support I can get! Do you have your own personal plans to get fit this Christmas? Are you aiming to fit into the perfect party dress like I am?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wednesday wants| Christmas Wishes

Christmas list

It’s that time of year again lovelies! The Christmas decorations are going up, Christmas planning is beginning, the party dresses are in the shops, and your friends and family are forever asking “What do you want for Christmas?”

My answer always is a Channel bag, however I know that as much as I wish for it Santa will not be bringing me one this year. My dream list would be filled with designer bags, purses and shoes; Hermes, Channel, Mulberry, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choos, but having already received some Loubuotins this year I think I’ve had my share of designer items, so for the interest of my lovely readers, friends and family I thought I would share with you what I’m wishing for this Christmas.

iPad- I would love the have a 3rd generation iPad, my laptop is fairly battered and I think reading blogs and watching my TV programmes would be so much better on an iPad. Plus it will be easier to transport than my laptop, and as I seem to spend a lot of my “free Time” travelling to see my boyfriend, friends and member of my family it’s kind of necessary.
Camera- My number one want and need! I currently use my compact camera or iPhone for the pictures on my blog, and I have noticed recently since the dark days and nights have been rolling in, that taking pictures is very difficult and the quality is not good! I would love a good quality camera, that is still compact, something like the Nikon One as I’m a novice and really think I won’t be very good with using different lenses etc.
Cute iPad case- Obviously if I get my iPad I need a cute leather case to keep it in!
Benefit cosmetics- There are so many beautiful benefit products that I would love to try that I just can’t justify buying for myself. My top picks are; They’re Real Mascara, POREfessional primer, Sun Beam Highlighter, Brown Zing, and How to Look The Best At Everything Kit.
Nail varnishes and nail art pens- My obsession with nail art continues! I am always happy to receive nail varnishes- OPI, Nails Inc, Essie, Topshop are my favourite and the first three are always bargains when found in TKMaxx.
Perfume- A need and a want! I have ran out of my favourite signature scent- Dolce and Gabbana The One, plus I would love some Pacco Rabbane Lady Million.
MAC Cosmetics- I have to be honest with you girls, I have never owned any Mac cosmetics... shock, horror! Yes I have used friends, however I never saw the appeal myself and have never indulged. But after only hearing great things about their products, I would love a MAC lipstick as their colour range is amazing!
Shoes- I have been a lucky girl for receiving amazing shoes this year; however my heel selection is out numbering my flats, and I desperately need some cute flats for everyday wear and work. (I’m a size 6)
Muju drawers- After buying a rubbish makeup case at the beginning of this year I am yet to replace it. My ideal solution would be the muju drawers as they are gorgeous and a bargain!
Rings- I love costume jewellery, and love beautiful and interesting rings, as I can wear them day and night.
Makeup bag and wash bag- I would love a new makeup and wash bag. The Marc Jacobs one is very cute! I love the glittery bow on it!
Filofax- As I am now a working girl I need a cute Filofax to write down all my appointments, meetings and top marketing ideas! I would love a leather Filofax in purple, red or hot pink.
Soap and Glory & Lush- Anything form Soap and Glory or Lush would make me happy. I love their products and there are many that I am yet to try.
Urban Decay Naked Palette Two- I have the first one and would love to try the second one, as feel I have exhausted all the colour combinations with the first one.
Real Techniques brushes- after receiving the Core Collection for my birthday I am a convert, and I would love to complete my collection with the Starter Kit, Blush Brush, Setting Brush and Powder Brush.
Ear muffs and Fur collar- I don’t often ask for clothes for Christmas as I quite fussy and sizing is always difficult. However ear muffs and a fur collar are easy to buy, and both are incredibly cute… perfect for keeping me warm when the snow comes!

So there is my (quite extensive) Wish List of what I would love to see in my stocking and under the tree this Christmas.
What are you wishing for this Christmas? Is there anything that is on my list that you also have your eye on? Also do you have any recommendations for a Camera?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Pink Pops| How to make Popcakes

You may or may not have seen the posts about my Mum’s wedding in September. In that post you'll have seen pictures of the above Pop Cakes. My mum and I are both huge lovers of cake; any sort will do! So when I found the above book in TKMaxx I had to buy it. When flicking through the pages we came up with the idea of making pink Popcakes for her wedding as a gift for her guests.
At the time it seemed like a great idea; who wouldn’t love cute little pink cakes! However come 10.30pm the night before the wedding when we were still decorating the Popcakes, we were soon regretting it! Despite how stressful this idea became, the end result was amazing. The wedding guests were fascinated, and in awe when they discovered that my Mum had made them herself. So I thought I would show you how we did it.
Step 1- Firstly, a cake needs to be made. We used the recipe given in the book for a simple chocolate sponge cake. For the 100 popcakes that we made we had to bake 6 chocolate cakes and leave them to cool.
Step 2- To make the cake balls, the cakes were blitzed into crumbs then mixed with cream cheese, and icing sugar. This makes the cakes into a moist mouldable texture, that is quite similar to a ganache. We also added bashed up Crunchie to our mixture to add something special to half of the popcakes. We then moulded the mixture into 100 little balls, mounted them on sticks and popped them into the freezer for 15 minutes to allow them to solidify.
Step 3- The fun part; decorating! We ended up with 3 different looks for our popcakes. One was just pink icing with a pink icing rose on the top. The second was pink icing dipped into pink sugar.The third look was meant to resemble a flower, and involved pink and white swirls (as you can see above). The joy with popcakes is that you can be so creative with them, any colour, shape or design. I have seen little teacups and tea pots, dinosaurs, people, and food items such as hotdogs and slices of cake.
So that’s a short and sweet explanation on how we made our popcakes. It took a lot of time to make 100 of them, and it was a lot of hard work, but the final product was delicious and a big success with all the wedding guests. I think they are an excellent idea for wedding favours or even for Christmas presents!

So what do you think? Have you seen or tried popcakes before? Would you make any for Christmas presents or for your wedding or party?