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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Scary Cat| My Halloween Look| FOTD & OOTD


I don’t know about you, but I have never been a huge fan of fancy dress. I do love Halloween, but find that it is a little bit too Americanised now, and preferred it when the point of a Halloween costume was firstly for it to be Halloween related and secondly it was to scare someone. I’m all about the pumpkins, trick or treating, scary masks, claws, cobwebs and cloaks! This year I was invited to a Halloween party last Saturday night by my manger at work. I was a little unsure to begin with, but when she said that you had to dress up, and your costume had to be scary I was all for it. Now, I am a little unoriginal with my Halloween outfits, as I normally go as I cat as I can’t help but love the irony. I love when drunk people find it hilarious that I’m called Cat and I am a cat!

I decided to stick with what I know but wanted to scare my outfit up and make it a bit more dramatic. I had originally bought face paint and face crayons to decorate my face, but after practicing with them I found them very waxy and not very pigmented; consequently not creating the dramatic look I was after. I changed tactics and decided to buy the above makeup items to create my look. The Lipstick I have talked about here, and the eyeliner I already had. The lip liner was used to draw on cuts and scratches all over my body, and it was the perfect blood red. The eye-shadow is Boujois and was part of their Halloween collection and it’s amazing! I don’t know if I will wear it again soon, as it is a very pigmented and a very matte black. But it creates the perfect dramatic cat eye, and stayed  in place all night! The Boujois nail varnish was again very dramatic; it needed a few layers to build up colour, but once you did it looked great.

For my outfit I wore a black cocktail dress and tights which I ripped up. My hair I backcombed to the max and used a whole can of dry shampoo to turn it grey. Unfortunately you can’t see it too much in the pictures but believe me my hair was very tatty and grey! I actually woke up on Sunday morning and was rather confused by all the white dust all over the surfaces in my bedroom, it took me a while to realise the white dust was in fact the residue of my dry shampoo.

I admit my look isn’t the scariest ever, but I think I did a pretty good job. At the party and in town there was some great scary costumes, lots of very convincing zombies and vampires, along with Goth brides, Bettlejuice and Jimmy Saville (a little bit of bad taste, but we all knew someone would dress up as him).

What do you think of my look? What did/ are you dressing up as for Halloween?
*Apologies for the poor quality iPhone pictures, still in need of a camera*

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Why do you wear makeup? | Tag

*Combination of my own images and those from We Heart It*

I have seen this tag floating around on peoples blogs over the past few weeks and it seems to be spreading like wild fire. Now I’m not normally one for tags; I don’t know why, I just never found one that inspired me and if they did, they were quite lengthy. However this tag is short and sweet and gives a little insight into the blogger. So here goes my answers.

When did you begin to love makeup?
Like many others I have forever been a girly girl. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with princesses, pink, glitter, Barbie's and spent my time dressing up, putting on fashion shows and baking mud pies. With this girliness came the love of makeup. I remember I used to have a big pink makeup case at my Nanas house and would stand in front of her mirror applying glitter, stick-on tattoos, peel off nail varnish and sickly sweet perfumes. I have always been gifted numerous makeup palettes for birthdays and Christmas, and as I grew so did my make up case. Obviously as I got older the quality of the product improved.
I first started wearing “proper” makeup aged 12… yes it is a little early, however when I was a younger I wore glasses, which unfortunately made my eyes appear smaller than what they were. I was obviously very self conscious of this and used to (still do) layer on the mascara to make my eyes look bigger. I probably started wearing a full face of makeup when I was 14, again to mask my insecurities, which at the time was my bad skin. When I started wearing a full face my confidence with my makeup improved and so did my experimentation, cue lots of black eyeliner and bright eye shadow… baby pink was one of my favourites for a while. Thankfully my taste has changed and matured, but I still like to have fun with it.

How do you feel without makeup?
A bug! I have a bit of a complex whereby I think my eyes look very small when I’m not wearing mascara, I call them my little bug eyes! As a result I almost never leave the house without mascara, the only time I do is when I’m out running. I know they probably don’t but I just don’t feel very confident when not wearing mascara. I will quite gladly leave the house without other makeup; I choose not to though. When my skin is looking good I will happily just wear mascara and a bit of bronzer and blush, especially during the weekends.

What do you like about makeup?
Quite a difficult question I think as sometimes I love makeup (like 70% of the time) and other times I feel like its an evil necessity and more like war paint than makeup. The days when I love it are obviously days when I’m feeling on top of the world. I love that makeup allows me to look and feel more human. I like that it can help enhance anyone’s natural beauty, and draw out a persons individual and beautiful features that they may not have been aware of before. I also love how colourful and pretty makeup is, the colour combinations and collections are never ending… it’s always great finding a new favourite lippy.
The days when I don’t love makeup are obviously days when I’m not feeling quite my normally self, perhaps a little blue. On days such as this I tire of applying my makeup but I would never leave the house without it. Like I mentioned, I feel like it’s a necessary evil; war paint; a mask that myself and many others apply to hide behind. I wish there was a national day where us girl don’t wear our makeup and show and (try to) embrace our natural beauty, as no matter how much we fight it, we all have something unique and beautiful about out face.

Three “Holy Grail” Items:
Mascara- I’m not fussed on which brand, however I do love L'Oreal Telescopic False Lash Mascara and Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Urban Decay NAKED Palette- A god send for eyeshadow lovers! I use mine all the time, perfect for both day to day looks and for dramatic night out looks. The pigmentation is great and the colours all compliment each other perfectly.
Rimmel Blush Pink Rose- A bargain high street product, but one that is very pigmented, lasts forever and is a great match for my skin tone. Great at giving me some colour on these dull days and a daily wear for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and learnt a little more about me. I look forward to reading some of your answers, if you do write your own be sure to Tweet me or comment below so I can give them a read.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Vampy Lips| Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick Wine 107


Just a quick post for you today, as I wanted to share with you my new vampy lipstick. Firstly I apologise for the quality of these pictures, they were taken on my iPhone in bad light. I am really missing the sunshine, these dark days make taking pictures for my blog very difficult. I have actually resorted to taking the majority of them at the weekend when I actually see some daylight! So if someone wants to buy me a new camera to help my fight for good pictures then I will love you forever!

Anyways onto the lipstick; I picked this Rimmel lipstick up at Asda as it was on offer for £4 and I needed a blood red shade to wear for Halloween. It’s from Rimmels new collection with Kate Moss, which has been hyped up a lot. The 107 shade is actually more of a deep wine red shade, not blood red, but still perfect for Autumn. It is described as being matte, and it is more of a matte finish than my other lipsticks however I would say it is more of a demi-matte as it is applied quite easily. I can’t believe how pigmented it is, the pictures above show me wearing two coats. I would definitely pick up another lipstick in this range as the quality is great for the price I paid.

It is actually the brightest and boldest shade of lipstick I have ever owned, I normally go for a nude or slight plumb shade. However after wearing this around the house it is growing on me; I don’t have to confidence to wear it outside yet, but watch this space!

Have you tried Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick range? Do you wear bright shades such as this often? If so can you give me some confidence tips to help me pull these bright shades off!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Five Years

photo (73)-tilephoto (54)-tilephoto (50)-tilephoto (90)-tilephoto (84)-tileff-tile

Five years ago, not only did I start a new chapter in my life by moving across the country to attend university, I also started a chapter in my life that I hope never ends, and that is the chapter I share with Matt.
Five years ago I moved into my university accommodation and on the first day I met, unknown to me then, the man that now makes my life complete. The man who loves, supports and cherishes me; the man who makes me one of luckiest girls in the world. As many people say to me, he is one of the good ones… He’s a good egg, which is pretty much spot on!  Five years later and many miles between us (at one time 919 miles), he still makes me smile every day and with him by my side I know I can take on whatever the world throws at us. 

I know I don’t often speak about Matt but as it is our five year anniversary, and as he did treat me to an amazing weekend away in Edinburgh, this post is dedicated to him. I thought I would share a number of the countless pictures I took.

1+2. Some shots of Edinburgh I took; the castle and the view from it. We were extremely lucky and got some great weather over the weekend, perfect for wandering the streets aimlessly; as we did.
3+4. Our hotel room, and cards. We stayed at a gorgeous hotel on the outskirts of Edinburgh and lucky girl I am, we stayed in a gorgeous suite.
5+6. Shots of the hotel room again. The hotel had little cuddly toys that acted as your do not disturb sign, which I always love. However I always feel sorry for the cuddly toys being left in the cold corridor over night… soppy I know! The bathroom in the hotel suite was huge! There was a double shower and a big bath with a television in it… Luxury!
7+8. Celebrating by drinking champers in my pyjamas…why not! The hotel served some amazing breakfast, my favourite was the pancakes and maple syrup.
9+10. Some gorgeous cupcakes from a store we stumbled across called Bibi’s Bakery, the cakes were to die for and the interior of the shop was very cute and kitsch. A picture of me and my man, he’s quite photo shy, unlike me.
11+12. We chose to visit Edinburgh because Matt had had bought me a voucher at Christmas so I could go see the pandas at the zoo. I had been so excited about it, as I am a little obsessed with them. I would love to go to China and visit them in a sanctuary, but at the moment this is as close as I’m going to get, and it was definitely enough. I was completely memorised and so overwhelmed I nearly cried! We were very lucky and saw both male and female pandas for the entirity of our viewing slot. I would recommend a visit to anyone.

I had such an anniversary weekend, and fall in love with Edinburgh more each time I visit. So thank you Matt for making it so special for me!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fluttery Eyelashes for a Fortnight| Eyelash Extensions Review

eyelas extensions beforeEyelash extensions aftereyelash extensions afterwardsphoto (36)-horz

Dependent upon whether you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may or may not know that I recently had Eyelash Extensions applied for my mums wedding last month. If you don’t follow me…why not? You know you want to! If you do follow me you may be one of the lovely people who have asked to to blog about this experience, so this is for you.

I had wondered and slightly panicked about what to do with my eyelashes for the wedding day, as like many of you, I am obsessed with having big fluttery lashes and normally achieve such a look either through multiple layers of mascara of with fake eyelashes. I had originally toyed with the idea of wearing fake eyelashes, but as the wedding was a two day affair, both days being very long, I worried that fake eyelashes would not stay put for the duration and I didn't want to have to keep applying glue and reattaching them. When my mum said she was getting Eyelash Extensions for the wedding and her honeymoon my mind was made up… I would have them too.

I went to Bellissimo Beauty Studio in Kendal and booked myself in for an Express Eyelash Extension Treatment. I would have preferred the Deluxe Eyelash Extension Treatment but there was no available appointments that fitted into my schedule. The difference between the two treatments is that the Express Treatment attaches the false eyelashes in clutters of around 6 as opposed to attaching a single fake eyelash to each of your own eyelashes. The Express Treatment is one hour shorter than the Deluxe Treatment, so only takes half an hour; preferable for those of you with busy schedules, that need to fit appointments in after work like I do. Finally the Express Eyelash Treatment is designed to last for 2-3 weeks, compared to the 4+ weeks that the Deluxe Treatment does. The Deluxe Treatment also allows for the eyelashes to be topped up and maintained, so you don’t have to wait for them to fall out.

The treatment itself was at first a little strange, the beautician firstly removed all my eye makeup (nothing strange about that) but then she stuck my bottom lashes down with a large white sticker. This was quite uncomfortable at first as it is placed very near to your eyeball, and even for a girl who wears contact lenses, it was strange having the sticker touching my eye in such a way, after a while it become more tolerable. The beautician then got to work on my eyelashes; she attached a cluster of around 6 fake eyelashes one at a time to my own eyelashes with a black glue. As the treatment only lasted half an hour the discomfort from the sticker was tolerable and it was nice to just lie back and relax, especially after a busy day at work. I was advised to not wear mascara on the eyelash extensions, and to remove my eye makeup with a none oil based remover; this would help prolong the life of the lashes.

At first the eyelashes felt very bizarre as they were attached to my eyelashes as opposed to my lash line like fake eyelashes are. My eyelids felt quite heavy, and I was really conscious of how long they were. The strangest feeling is when you shower after having them done, as the water is heavy on them and they feel like they will fall out; thankfully they don’t!

The pictures above show me with no mascara on the fake eyelashes at all, there really is no need to as they looked long and dramatic without. My mum got the Deluxe Eyelash Treatment and in comparison to hers mine were more dramatic. I actually preferred my dramatic look compared her her more natural style. 
I lost a couple of the clusters of eyelashes within the first week, but it was not obvious. It was the second week when a clutter on the inner corner of my eye became loose and stuck up continously that it became obvious; you can see said eyelash in the picture above. They have only just all fallen out, some I encouraged others fell out in my sleep, and I only started wearing mascara again today. So overall the eyelash extensions lasted for 3 weeks.

I feel completely naked without my eyelash extensions now; I miss my big flirty eyelashes, I miss not having to put mascara on, thus giving myself an extra 10 minute in bed, I miss having the confidence to go out of the house without a scrap of makeup on! Overall I’m sure you have guessed that I would definitely get eyelash extensions again. I paid £25 for the Express Treatment, so I think they are fantastic value and perfect if you have an event, special occasion or holiday. Next time I plan on having the Deluxe Eyelash Extension Treatment so I can have them topped up, however I’m going to give it a couple of weeks, as I want to let my eyelashes have a rest, I’m sure they are quite tired of carrying the extra weight of the extensions.

Have you ever had eyelash extensions? What was your experience, did you enjoy them? Would you have them done in future if you haven’t already?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Days Gone By| A Week In Pictures

photo (9)-tile

A little update for you all. To be honest I have not been up to much recently, as I have been pretty much tied to Kendal as I am dog sitting for my mum while she is honeymooning in Hawaii… so jealous! So apart from the weekends when my boy comes down to visit, I have been keeping the company of two very lively and sometimes annoying dogs and working hard at work. However despite the lack of excitement in my life these past few weeks I have still taken plenty of pictures.. blogging problems.
  • Walk with a view- Last Sunday I dragged my man on a nice long walk with the dogs, the view is the view from the top of the hill I run up, it over looks all of Kendal and across to Oxenholme. I am really enjoying the change in weather, yes the rain sucks, but it rains all year here in Lake District anyway. Its the crisp cold days I am loving.
  • Clean brushes mean a clean face- I admit, I am not great with washing my makeup brushes, yes beauty blogger cardinal sin. However last weekend I bought some baby shampoo and spent a good hour washing all my brushes, and the difference in them is amazing! I must keep this up as my makeup looks so much better after applying it with clean brushes.
  • Are you breast aware? My Breast Cancer post this past week has received some great feedback. I wasn’t sure on whether to publish it at first as I did not want to offend or lecture anyone, but as it is something close to my heart, and something that is affecting my family right this moment I wanted to talk about it and am glad I have after all your lovely comments. I hope I have helped some of you be more breast aware.
  • Drinking green, eating clean- After over indulging both before and after my mums wedding, I haven't been feeling too great so decided to embark on a bit of a detox to kick start my healthy eating regime. You may have seen the post below that talks about it. I essentially have been eating and drinking homemade smoothies and soups and having a healthy dinner, very simple, but effective.
  • Autumn television- Oh yes, oh yes oh yes! Gossip Girl is back! I am totally obsessed with this programme! I am so sad it is the last season, I won’t know what to do with myself.
  • Puppy cuddles- Pretty self explanatory!
  • Wednesday is treat day- This has to be one of the highlights of my week. I came home form work on Wednesday to this scone and note from my lovely neighbour who has been helping me look after the dogs while I am at work. She attends Weight-Watchers with my mum on a Wednesday morning, so after the meeting they always go for coffee and a treat, and this week she brought me a treat… how lovely!
  • Cani-x- As I have restarted my healthy living regime again, I have been out on the fells running with my dogs again. It proves a bit more difficult to run down hills when its muddy, I find I slip a lot more and the dogs attached to me pulling like crazy really don’t help. It’s all still fun (until they pull me over).
  • Luscious lashes- I had temporary lash inserts applied over two weeks ago, and they are still surviving! Yes there are some gaps but this picture was taken just before I went to bed, so you can see I can still get away without wearing any mascara. A blog post will be coming up.
  • Domestic Goddess- Baking at the weekend is something I love to do, I just have to try and not eat all my batch at once. This week I made peanut butter and chocolate squares
  • Christmas Presents- I am already buying Christmas presents! Firstly I want to be organised and spread the cost, but secondly it’s because I’m already excited! I am a little Christmas crazy!
  • Christmas Chocolates- Again as I am Christmas crazy these were purchased and soon consumed by me and my man this weekend… whoops. Back to the smoothies tomorrow!
What has been the highlight of your week? Have you had a quiet one like me? Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Fitness Friday| Daring to Detox

photo-tileday1-tilephoto (5)-horzimages-horz
*Vitamins* *7 day Detox Plan* *Green Smoothie* *Fitspiration*

I have previously written about the subject of detoxing, and shared my opinions on the wild and wacky “detox” programmes that exist. For those of you who don’t know; I believe that such crazy detoxes like the Lemonade Detox are firstly crazy and secondly no good for your body or health. I actually have personal experience of the Lemonade Detox, and the Soup Diet and it was not pleasant; think migraines, dizziness, tiredness and passing out! I believe detoxing should involve getting rid of all the crap in your body by not eating any crap! You should eat clean everyday, all day, and try to include as many “super Foods” as possible to help aid the detox process.

A few months ago I was contacted by My Vitamins; who are people after my own heart, as we share the same beliefs on detox programmes and health. They suggested that I followed their specially devised 7 Day Detox Plan and report on my results. They told me the plan was designed to purposely target the 4 key areas that need to be cleansed regularly; liver, kidneys, skin and colon, leaving me refreshed, more energetic and with improved skin, hair and nails.

At the time, I was about to go on holiday so a detox gave me the chance to loose a couple of pounds and inches before the bikini came out. My Vitamins delivered the vitamins shown in the picture and advised me to follow the meal plan above. I admit that I did not follow the diet plan completely, as some of the ingredients are hard to get in my little town, or were expensive, so I followed it as closely as possible. Along with following the meal plan and taking the supplements, each day I ran for 45 minutes. The results of such a regime were about a 6 pound weight loss, and a 2 inch loss on my waist. More importantly I had AMAZING hair and skin, glowing!

After a couple of weeks of being very relaxed on my diet and fitness regime I have since embarked upon a detox again. This time I have not been following the above meal plan but have still took the supplied vitamins, and been running for 45 minutes each day. I instead spent Sunday night making a big batch of vegetable soup, for my lunches and a batch of green smoothie, for my breakfasts. My dinners are the only solid meal I have, which is chicken and veg, served with any spices or any tomato based sauce you fancy. Even though I have only been following this eating plan for 5 days I already feel a millions time better, my stomach looks flatter and my face looks less bloated.

The vitamins and supplements that were provided to me are described below.
  • Ginseng- A natural stimulant, as opposed to caffeine. Improves circulation and oxygen absorption.
  • Acai Berries- A supplement to help your PH balance and an aid fat loss. Widely regarded as one of the worlds leading Super Foods. A favourite with many stars such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  • Super Dophilus- Packed full of friendly bacteria. Great for digestion, it encourages the absorption of other nutrients within your diet
  • Vitamin C- The best anti oxidant, and when mixed with L Carnitine, it posses a synergistic fat loss property by increasing the efficiency of the mitochondria to burn fat.
About My Vitamins themselves, I was hugely impressed. The rep from the company was lovely, extremely helpful and informative, and with his help I was given the vitamins and supplements most suited to my needs. My Vitamins aim to provide the same service to everyone. All their products are separated into categories based upon your goals such as “Detox and anti-aging” “Weight loss” and “Health and Wellbeing”. The vitamins are stored in resealable pouches, are reasonable priced and delivered to your door for free.
You can find visit the website here, and if anyone would like a copy of the Detox plan plus all the extra information then comment below and I can email you it.

What do you think of detox plans? Have you followed any and what were your results? What plan did you follow?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Think Pink| Breast Cancer Awareness


As many of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am an advocate of Breast Cancer Awareness month, as it helps raise money for charities close to my heart. However I worry that the real, more significant aim of this campaign is sometimes forgotten. How many of you actually see the advertisements and think ‘Oh I should really check my breasts when I get home’. Breast Cancer Awareness is much more than buying pretty pink products, you can do that all year round. Breast Cancer Awareness month is making sure you take the time to be aware of your own breasts.
I decided to do this post as there are many popping up on people’s blogs at the moment, and even though they are meant with the best intentions  many do not ask you to take action. So I am asking you. I ask you to check your breast now; only if you are reading this in the private of your own home, I think checking them on the train to work would be a little inappropriate. But please remember my plea and do it when you get home.
I have seen and lived with the effects that the fight against Breast Cancer causes. As many of you know, my Mum fought it two years ago and my Grandma is currently fighting it. Both of them are the bravest and strongest women I know. My Mothers strength (and stubbornness) helped her fight and beat Cancer, and I know this same strength will help my Grandma win her battle. Thankfully I think strength and stubbornness is a family trait that although can have its downsides, helps the women in my family kick cancers arse!
I am not being a hypocrite I myself regularly check my breasts, I admit before my mother had breast cancer I didn't do it regularly, but when it happens to your family it soon shocks you into it. I am also going to visit my GP soon and advise them of the history of Breast Cancer in my family, so I can be checked regularly. Regular self checking, and regular mammograms are vital, a routine mammogram is how my grandma found her lump.
Below is an illustration of what to look for when checking your breasts. There is no right or wrong way to check them just make sure you do it. If you find anything irregular go to your GP right away. For more information click here.
Anyways enough of the lecturing, onto a more positive side to Breast Cancer Awareness month, and charity fundraising. Recently my mother got married and on the Friday before the wedding my Grandma was very brave and had her head shave by my mum in front of 100 guests. No one knew about it so it was a huge shock to everyone. However her bravery helped raised £400 for Cancer Care, the local charity that supported my Mum and will support my Grandma with her fight against cancer.
I hope this post inspires you to be aware of your own breasts, and I dedicate this post to my beautiful, strong and inspiring Mum and Grandma.

Monday, 1 October 2012

OOTD| FOTD| Pre Wedding Dinner

Outfit Of The Day
Dress- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes- Christian Louboutin
Clutch bag- Tkmaxx
Face Of The Day
Eyes- Urban Decay Naked Palette
Face- Primer- Rimmel/ Foundation- Maybelline Super Stay 24 hours and Revlon Colour Stay 24 hour – Contouring- Sleek Palette- Blush- Rimmel
Lips- Rimmel Kate Moss Nude

I thought I would do a Face and Outfit Of The Day to show you what I wore for the night before my mums wedding this past weekend. I’m frantically trying to think if I could do an actual wedding day Outfit And Face Of The Day however I think I was so busy enjoying the day I didn't even take pictures of what I was wearing or what my makeup looked like… blogger fail!
Anyways back to the Friday. The Friday evening was a smart casual affair, where dinner and drinks were served at the hotel while we all mingled and got to know each other before the big day. I originally planned to wear a dusty pink dress to kick off the pink theme to the wedding and to match my Mum’s dress, however as much as I tried I did not find a dress I was completely happy with. In the end I spotted this teal number in the Dorothy Perkins sale. It is actually the same dress as another I had bought and worn previously (You can see it here) and as I knew it was a flattering fit and comfortable I chose to wear this for the Friday night instead. I paired the dress with my Louboutins which I received as a graduation present; its actually only the second time I have worn them as they are so precious, and my silver clutch and silver jewellery which I also wore on the wedding day.
For my face I decided to go for a dramatic smoky eye and nude lip as on the wedding day I wore a more natural look, so I wanted to create a contrast and dress my face up a little bit more. I created this look using my trusty Naked Palette, the same palette that the makeup artist on the Saturday actually complimented me upon, as she loves it just as much as us bloggers. I am wearing lash inserts in the above picture; I treated myself on the Thursday night as I didn’t want to have to be fiddling with fake eyelashes all weekend. I only got the two week occasional wear ones, but they are still going very strong and I am in love with them! It means getting ready in the morning takes about 10 minutes less as I don’t have to apply endless layers of mascara, and I am much more confident with out makeup as my eyes are very defined. I will be writing a review on them in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that. I have been attempting to contour my face this past week, and although still a beginner I am enjoying the way it makes my face look.
I had a great night, as did many others judging by some of the sore heads in the morning, my boyfriend being one of them. However everyone had soon recovered come the ceremony, and the Friday evening allowed the wedding day to be more relaxed as the ice had already been broken the night before.
Are you are contouring pro? Could you give me some tips or recommend any products?