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Friday, 24 August 2012

Hasta Luego| See You later

Images from We Heart It

I will be absent from my little blog for the next two weeks, as I am off to Spain for some much needed sun. I am visiting my boyfriend’s parent’s apartment near Torrevieja and also Valencia for a few days. It will be great to relax and not have to think about work for little a while, and I can spend some quality time with my boyfriend, my Kindle and the pool.

I will be tweeting every now and again, as I can’t keep myself completely away from the real world for too long, so will share some pictures with you all. Also be preferred for plenty of holiday related blog posts when I return!

I just want to remind you all, that while I am away voting will end for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in which I have been nominated as Best New Blog. If you are a reader, follower or just like my blog it would mean a lot to me if you could click the link below and take two seconds to vote for my little blog. I still can’t believe I have been nominated… I still pinch myself! I don’t expect to win, as there is some pretty touch competition as the other girls blogs are pretty amazing, but I may as well try!

Voting finishes on the 31st August, so make sure its before then. Just click this link
Many thanks so this, along with all the support I have been given by each and every one of you over the past 10 months! Blogging would not be the same without you all, and I truly feel like I have met some amazing, inspiring people though the blogging community.
Speak to you all soon- Hasta Luego!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Monkeying Around| A Go Ape Experience

P1050704 - Copy-tilephoto (37)-tile

Well this past Saturday was unlike any other. I have never been an adventurous girl, more a girl who is at home shopping and drinking cocktails. However recently I have been embracing my very hidden inner wild child and tried new activities, even getting muddy, wet and sweaty in the process!

This weekend I visited Go Ape in Grizedale Forest in the Lake District with my family. If you have not been or heard of Go Ape before it is an activity course based in the forest, that involves making your way across a number of obstacles and pathways high up in the trees… and I mean high! The highest platform and pathway was 60 feet up a tree.

It’s obstacles varied from precarious stepping stones, barrels to crawl through, cargo nets to climb, a number of zip lines and a giant Tarzan swing which scared me to death! There was a number of us who visited, all a variety of ages, from my brother aged 21 to my Grandma at 67, and each and everyone of us enjoyed it. Well my boyfriend probably a little less so, seems he’s pretty scared of heights, but he did do incredibly well.
When we were finished we all looked a right state, some more than others (that included me). It appears that although I was embracing my inner wild child, I’m still not the most graceful or athletic person, and every zip line I did I landed on my bum and back and ended up being dragged through the mud. To say I was mucky is an understatement I was covered in mud and wood chippings from head (including my hair) to toes, as you can see from the pictures above. I was so mucky that my boyfriend made me wear a bin bag in the car. So a bin bag was part of my OOTD (outfit of the day), and I think I managed to pull it off well.

I even managed to gain a workout from this activity, which is always a plus. My arms, back and neck were very stiff the next day; either from pulling myself up a number of rope ladders, or from holding on for dear life! Either way it must of did some good.

I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. Even on a day when the weather isn’t so great, it’s still an enjoyable activity, as the rain doesn't effect you too much as there is plenty of cover from the trees. We paid £30 per person and spent around 3 hours there, so it’s also good value for money.

What do you think, would you give it a go? Have you tried Go Ape before? If so what was your favourite obstacle?

Monday, 20 August 2012

NOTD| How to remove glitter nail varnish

1- Pretty glittery nails
2- The struggle to remove the varnish as you would normally
3- Tools needed to remove glitter nail varnish with ease
4- Nails all wrapped up
5- The results
6- Tad-ah all gone!

As many of you will have seen I recently fell in love with a Nails Inc glitter nail polish. I did not waste any-time in applying many layers to all my nails and giving myself some super sparkly nails. However I felt they were a little too sparkly for a week full of meetings at work, so wanted to remove it. I started to remove it as I normally would, with a cotton pad and nail varnish remover, however found that this was not budging the glitter in the slightest, rather the cotton just stuck to the glitter. So after much difficulty I Googled a technique for easy removal and found an article which helped me, so I though I would share it to help you also.

For this you will need;
*Nail Varnish remover* *Tin foil* *Cotton balls/pads*

This technique saves you probably about 30 minutes, millions of cotton pads and gallons of polish remover; Just follow the simple steps below.
  1. Firstly you soak the cotton pads/balls in nail varnish remover… and I mean soak! You then apply this to your nail.
  2. Secondly rip the tinfoil into strips then wrap this tinfoil tightly around the nail with the cotton pad between the nail and the foil. Proceed to do all your fingers. Your hands should end up looking like a cross between Freddie Kruger and a robot.
  3. Now sit back a grab a magazine, chill and let them soak for 10 minutes.
  4. To remove, apply a little pressure to the nail and twist the cotton and foil from side to side, a couple of twists should do the trick. When you remove the foil, your glitter varnish should have vanished.
  5. Make sure you give your hands some love and care after this, as the nail varnish remover can make them a little sensitive, after soaking them.
So there you have it a simple, stress free to remove you beautiful, if not persistent glitter nail varnish. I hope this helps you as it did me.
Have you tried this technique before? Or do you have another little trick?

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Instagram| The past few weeks

photo (14)-tile
-Hangover food- Saturday nights FOTD- Partying- Aztec nails- Saturday nights OOTD- Archie and I- Treats off mother bear-Retro Sweets-
-New workout top from Samsung- Sunshine in my back garden- Blogging- Graze box- Views on my run -Perfect weather for the Beemer-
-Ice Lolly time- Canoeing with bother bear- sexy hair curlers- Smart nails- Bridesmaid hair-Watching the Olympic ceremony-

As many of you know I recently purchased an iphone and don’t think I have put it down since. It really is fuelling my obsession with taking pictures, I don’t think my family and friends appreciate or enjoy it, but I’m sure they will get used to it.

As I now have an iphone, one of the first apps I downloaded was Instagram and have been uploading pictures on a regular ever since. My user name is Cat0805 if you do want to follow me. I love the app, its a great way to find motivation for makeup, fashion and nail looks, and a great way to be nosey as many share the little moments in their lives with the rest of us. As I am new I am still fascinated with this app, but wonder if the novelty will wear off over time. Anyways these pictures are mine from the past two weeks, which have been fairly quiet for me, but I have been out enjoying the little sunshine we have had.

What you you think of Instagram? Do you love it, or are you bored of it?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Fitness Friday| Row row row your boat

photo (11)-tile

Carrying on with my fitness phase, this week my mother decided to mix it up a bit and go canoeing. I have done pretty well this week with my workouts and even managed to run up the hill I shared with you in last weeks Fitness Friday- Here. I was all ready to go for another run on Thursday evening, however as it was so warm here, my mother had decided that it was too hot to go for a run with the dogs, so a canoeing session would be more ideal.

I was excited to try this sport, and a little anxious, as I have only ever done it once before and I was 11 years old, so I was definitely out of practice. Thankfully while I was in Finland in June I had gone White Water Rafting twice, so had some practice with staying on a boat and controlling an oar. However I did not realise how sensitive your actions would be when in a smaller boat, to say mum and I had some difficulties when first starting was a bit of an understatement. We actually spent a good 10 minute rowing round in circles, shouting at each other and gaining some funny looks from passers-by. We mostly struggled with matching the strength of our rows, as I would always pull harder than my mum, but my mum would row quicker. At times we managed to get a rhythm going but we spent a good hour and a half on Lake Windermere zig-zagging across the lake. We did make the whole exercise a lot harder seems we had the boat back to front, so instead of draining water we collected it. It was a great evening, as it was so peaceful on the lake and a great way to see a sunset, we also caught sight of an otter than decided to follow us and play around behind us, which was rather cute.

I enjoyed my canoeing workout and would definitely do it again, and recommend it to others, especially with a friend. It was hard work at times, but mostly a great laugh and loads of fun. Its actually a great workout for the areas I need to target for my bridesmaid dress; arms, chest and back, and also hits your oblique (your waist muscles). For the 1 hour and 15 minutes I actually canoed for, it is estimated that I burnt around 150 calories. So it’s not as a big calorie cruncher as running, but it is perfect for toning. I now aim to do this once a week as a toning exercise, as I it worked my arms hard and was a great laugh. I always think its so much easier to work out if you are having fun, and if you have a variety of workouts. It also helps with your weight loss as your body is kept on its toes and doesn’t get used to just one single workout.

Have any of you ever tried canoeing, or other water sports? Or have you tried any new sports recently?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

One BBQ, Two Parties in One Night| OOTD

photophoto (2)-horz3eae203adee711e18bc0123138151366_7-horz
Dress- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes- New Look

Well I have had a busy weekend indeed! I visited Leeds which is the home city of my boyfriend. Normally we have a relaxing few days and catch up with his family and friends. However this was not the case this time, as we found ourselves being double booked. We had his Mum’s birthday BBQ and party, as well as his friends birthday night out; both on the Saturday night! So we had a bit of shuffling around to do… literally. We ended up spending the afternoon at his parents BBQ then going out to the bars in town in the evening with his friends, and then went back to his parents to finish off the partying. So at the end of it we were both very tried, and very drunk! It seems when you have two parties you end up drinking twice as much… my body was not thankful the next day!

I had a great weekend, regardless, but was very tired come Sunday night! I did also treat myself this weekend to a new iPhone! I have been due an upgrade for some time now, but being a busy student then worker I never got round to it, however now I have had it for 5 days I wouldn’t know what to do without it… I am in love with it! I am also completely addicted to Instagram now, as you can see from the Widget on the right hand side.

Anyways onto my outfit! I wore my new dress from Dorothy Perkins after I finally treated myself to a few sale items. The dress cost me only £10, down from around £32, and I think the cut is flattering and the colour screams summer, a great little bargain! I wore it with my blue New Look heels which I was originally going to wear at my graduation before I got my Louboutins. Again I love my shoes, they only cost £17 and have a very chunky heel. I wore them from 6 in the evening till about 3 in the morning, without any Party Feet and had no pressure or pain on the balls of my feet at all, so they are very comfortable.

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you have a relaxing one or a wild one?
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Friday, 3 August 2012

Fitness Friday| A new fitness favourite Cani-X

South Lakeland-20120801-01015-tileIMG-20120801-01011-tile_44459445_canix300-horz

Well I don’t now about you, but I have well and truly been swept away by the Olympic spirit. I love seeing the country come together to share moments of joy; the athletes pushing themselves far and beyond their limits for glory; and learning more about sports I’d never paid any interest to previously. I really do hope that these games inspire a generation. If not a generation, at least they have inspired me.

My little fitness or health kick has came from finally finishing university, so having no excuse of a crap diet and late nights spent in the library for my unfitness, and from the fact I went for my bridesmaid dress fitting and my dress did not fit! Argh! Well the zip reached, but we didn’t force it as did not want to pull the chiffon. So I need to get fit and thinner, and what better time than when the nation is enthralled in sport.

So my mother decided that she would introduce me to her new favourite hobby Cani-X, which is basically running with your favourite furry friend. You have a special lead which you strap around your waist, the lead then has your dog attached on a sort of bungee rope. It’s great really as both you and your dog get an extra hard work out, as you both work together and at times end up pulling each other along. I know my dog Archie, pulls me up the hills.

I used to run quite often when I was younger and loved it, there is no better feeling than a runners high. However after not running for a long time, and being un-fit my first run was pretty hard! It was extra hard for me as I’m a road runner, so fell running was a completely different experience. Yes it is easier on your joints as you are on grass most of the time, but your joints are the only thing its easier on! You work what seems like every other muscle while you try and keep yourself level when running across uneven ground in fields, and running up hills! Oh the hills! I don’t bare well on them at the moment.

However I am loving it! It makes running so much more fun because you are with your dog, and also the views from the top of the fell are amazing, as you can see above. The pictures above show my mum and I with our running partners George and Archie; the hill I aim to run too and from in a couple of weeks (it doesn’t look too steep in the picture, but it is); and me feeling great after my run. I also added a few pictures from Google showing you how its done properly.

I’ve added a link to a Cani-X website if anyone wanted extra information-

Has anyone else been inspired to try a new sport after watching the Olympics? Or have you ever tried Cani-X?