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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The UK vs The States (NTA vs SAG awards)The Good, Bad and Awful

So last week and this weekend we had two award shows, one in the UK and one in the US. The UK awards in my honest opinion are never as glamourous as American awards... more reality TV stars than movie stars!
So I am going to present to you my round up of the 3 best and 3 worst dressed at both award shows, the SAG awards and the NTA's;

The Good- UK- NTA
Roaring Twenties: Fearne Cotton wore a vintage fringed dress with red heels that matched her lipsPink ladies: Michelle Keegan and Michelle Collins also chose the evening's most popular colourBack to black: Heidi Range

Fearne Cotton- Different from others, opting for a shorter style dress, however the embellishment and classic hair and makeup make this dress formal enough for the event. 
Heidi Range- A very simple dress, but she wears it very well, she just screams sexy.
Michelle Keegan- A pretty obvious choice, however she always looks glamourous and amazing at red carpet events. Overall a very simple dress, accessories, hair and makeup but the embellishment make it a standout piece. I love it!  

The Good-US-SAG Awards
Seductive: Lea's one-shoulder dress featured a daring slit up to the thighGoing against the grain: Kaley Cuoco stepped out in a silk organza gown by Romona Keveza while Natalie Portman decided not to walk the red carpet Black and white: The Good Wife star Julianna Margulies donned glittering white Paz Vega opted for monochrome while Jayma Mays dressed in black covered in sequins

Lea Michelle- Wow she is impressing me at the moment. Showing her sexy side in this gorgeous dress.
Natalie Portman- A simple dress, but perfection! She looks lovely.
Jayma Mays (from glee)- Such a show stopping dress, I love the embellishment... looks like this tend is very popular at the moment. 

The Bad- UK- NTA
Birds of a feather: Tulisa stood out in a hot pink feathered number Essex spin on black tie: Chloe Sims brought her personal brand of formal wear to the NTAs in a red 'mullet' dress that featured a short hemline at the front and full-length skirt at the back and sidesEssex glamour: Jessica Wright went for a Kate Middleton meets TOWIE dress in a full length backless lace gown, while Lauren Goodger wore a tight silver gown with a plunging neckline

Chloe Sims- I'm normally a fan of mullet style dresses, but Chloe looks like she attatched the train of this dress herself, it looks poorly made and cheap.
Lauren Goodger- I am a fan of Lauren, however she does not dress well for her curvy frame. This dress does not flatter her in the slightest.
Tulisa- Definitely a talking point and a fun dress, however I think it is more suitable to a sixteenth birthday party, not a red carpet event.

The Bad- US-SAG Awards
Feeling moody: Glee stars Heather Morris, Amber Riley, who went for bows and lace in Badgley Mischka, Ashley Fink and Lauren Potter all opted for the dark colour Looking all white: Zoe SaldanaFeeling moody: Glee stars Heather Morris, Amber Riley, who went for bows and lace in Badgley Mischka, Ashley Fink and Lauren Potter all opted for the dark colour

Heather Morris- Trying to sport the mullet style dress, however I don't believe she has managed to pull it off. This dress has too much going on at the same time. 
Zoe Saldana- I am not keen on this dress at all. I know it's vintage, however to me it looks like she is wearing a white tank top underneath the top part of the dress. 
Amber Riley- She looks like a present waiting to be unwrapped because of the gigantic bow... not a good look. 

And the Awful

Karen Gillian- She looks like she is waiting for a bus into town. This outfit  is not appropriate for a red carpet at all. I wish people would stick to dress codes. It would of been lovely to see her glammed up for a change.

What do you think about British award season fashion versus the states? Who were you favourtie dressed stars for the night?


Wow! I am really happy and amazed that I have hit triple figures for those who like my blog so much. It means a lot to me that you find my ramblings interesting. 

I have only been blogging for about 3 months now, and I love it! I have found a place which is filled with amazingly creative people who have the same passions in life as me. I am inspired by each of my followers, as you are all so unique and have your own take on not only beauty but on life. I am thankful for all the support you have shown me, and for every single view and comment that you have shared. 

To thank you all I am going to do a give away. It will be a little parcel with a few different little gifts in but it will be a present all the same. I get paid tomorrow, so will start buying the bits and bobs then. So keep a look out for when I actually announce the giveaway as I want it to be fair, so each of you must enter. 

Thanks you again! I hope you are all having a lovely week!

Image From Google
Much love from me (on the left)

Monday, 30 January 2012

OPI Glitter| NOTD

So another little peek of my nails and how they are dressed up today. Hope you girls like them. Still on the glitter, despite it not being the holidays anymore. I suppose I'm just bringing some cheer to a dull January!

The look was done by using the gold 17 nail varnish on all fingers bar the ring finger. On my ring finger a plain white nail varnish was used as a base, then topped with the OPI gold glitter nail varnish.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Week in pictures

*Champagne cocktails*
*Healthy dinner*
*Mother Bear and her giant salad*
*View from my bedroom at home*
*Zumba Time*

I've had a lovely week, I've gotten over my illness, and had some quality time spent with friends and family.
  • Champagne Cocktails- To celebrate finishing our assignments and exams for the past semester me and my best friend went out for a dinner date to celebrate. It was Restaurant Week in Newcastle, where many normally high priced restaurants have special offers on. So we went to Babucio's on Quayside and it was beautiful. We finished off dinner with some gorgeous champagne cocktails.... yum!
  • Healthy Dinner- this week I have been healthier, and my lovely boyfriend has been cooking some yummy healthy dinners. This was chicken and noodles with chilli, ginger and garlic, with some sweet potato mash... again Yum!
  • Mother Bear and her giant salad- My mum came to visit me in Newcastle for the day and treated me to lunch at Olive and Bean, a great deli that has a wide range of salads, sandwiches and cakes, all homemade... beautiful. We had a lovely shop in Fenwicks as well and she treated herself to a few bits and bobs... a great girly day.
  • View from my bedroom window at home- I spontaneously went home with my mother, and spent a couple of nights back home in the country. I love getting away from the city. My bedroom at my mums backs onto the allotments and fells (She lives in the Lake District) so its amazingly quiet!
  • Zumba time- My mum also had me exercising with her. I tried the Zumba DVD which is loads of fun. I have the video game for the Wii, so already knew some of the dances, we had lots of laughs!
I hope you all had a great week also.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Fitness Friday- Benefits to strength training

I hope some of you have done some jumping jacks this past week! I did! I thought they were going to be alright, but they soon get tiring, great all over body workout! I'm definitely keeping it up, as feeling my legs are a bit more toned.

This week my concentration is on strength training. I know far too may girls that are scared of strength workouts and think they are going to end up big and bulky, when in fact this is wrong. All that will happen if you incorporate strength training into your workouts is you will lose inches and weight quicker and you will look better naked... more toned! Now who doesn't want that! 

Studies show that women don't build bulk, and gain size from strength training like a man does. You instead develop muscle tone and definition.

Even if you don't have weights, use tins of beans or soup, or use your own body weight by doing lunges, push-ups and crunches. 

All images from Tumblr

I'm not going to preach to you , I will only list the benefits; 
  1. You will obviously become stronger- With this your confidence will grow!
  2. You will lose body fat- For every 3 pounds of muscle you gain, you will burn an extra 120 calories a day, thus causing your body to burn fat without even trying!
  3. You burn calories for longer- After lifting weights you body continues to burn calories for an hours after the workout!
  4. You will more likely have a flat stomach- Studies found that lifting weights just twice a week can prevent you from gains abdominal fat!
  5. You will reduce your risk or osteoporosis, heart diseases, diabetes, and depression!
  6. You will reduce your risk of injury- This means you can work out harder for longer when you are at the gym without risking damage to yourself. 

The best thing you can do is both... do strength and cardio. 

Think of it this way- Cardio sculpts the body from the outside in (Because you are burning away your fat), and strength training sculpts your body from the inside out (Because you are building your muscles underneath your fat).

I hope this article helps a few people, and opens a few peoples eyes to what they are missing.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

How I Store My Jewelry| Super Storage

When I was a little girl, I remember having countless jewelry boxes and vanity cases, all filled with (what I thought) were wonderful little lipsticks, gems, bangles etc. I was super organised, everything would have it's place, I think I was actually like this till I was 18. When I turned 18 and moved to university I didn't take these boxes and cases with me, so for the past 5 years I have literally been hording my jewelry and makeup in draws. Not a good idea, as this caused this to break, tangle and leak. It was not until a couple of weeks ago that I decided to do something about it. 

So this post is dedicated to my amazing new jewelry box. It is a box that is comprised of different layers that stack together, hence the name 'Stackers'

I absolutely love these. The quality of them is top notch, and I love the idea that you can order different styles compartments to suite your own needs, and you can always buy a new layer when you expand your jewelry collection.

The retail price for each of the layers is around £10, however many websites have offers, whereby the price is £8 ish, or you can multi-buy them for a discount. 

What do you guys think? How do you store your jewelry collection? 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wedding dress gone wrong

So I was browsing through the Daily Mail website, when I stumbled across this lovely picture. 

Now I will let you into a little secret, I am obsessed with weddings, I'm always looking at pictures of dresses, centre pieces, other peoples weddings etc. So this picture definitely caught my eye... for the wrong reasons. 

Here comes the bride... avert your eyes! The revealing wedding 'dress' made a splash on the Berlin catwalk this morning

This is one of the wedding dress designs from  fashion brand Kaviar Gauche during Berlin Fashion Week.  It definitely is an original ensemble,  however I don't really see the look catching on.  I mean even the gypsies on 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' like a big flashy dress, this is probably too simple for their liking. 

Gypsy Wedding Dress

The designers behind the brand are not strangers to controversy. For their 2009/10 handbag collection they had models walk the catwalk pretty much naked with only strategically place accessories to cover their modesty. 

I have to say they definitely know how to get headlines. 
What do you think, clever PR stunts? Or just bad taste?

Monday, 23 January 2012


This is actually my first FOTD, and to think I've been blogging for 3 months now... what have I been chattering on about!

So this is my face I wore for a few celebratory drinks last Friday after I had handed all my assignments in. We went to a lovely new bar in Newcastle near Central station (really can't remember the name!) Anyways I had a few glasses of Prosecco to celebrate, and went for a glamourous casual look.

Please excuse my messy hair, and the hairs on my face from a makeup brush, only just realised them now.. amateur mistake.

For this look I used;
Face- Concealer- Rimmel Match Perfection
          Foundation- Rimmel Stay Matte 
          Bronzer- Rimmel Sun Shimmer
          Blush- Rimmel, Shade Pink Rose
Eyes- Mascara- Rimmel Scandaleyes
          Eyeshadow- Urban Decay- Naked Pallette- Shades- Sin and Half Baked.

I'm showing my Rimmel addiction here!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Week in Pictures

*Treats off the boyfriend for finishing my assignments*
*My friend messing around at uni*
*Chocolate pudding from Domino's*
*Dosing up on Lemsip*
*My green smoothie*

A relatively quiet week compared to last week. Even though I've been back at work for many hours I still feel like I have had time to relax and step down a gear. It won't be for long, seems I'm back at uni next week and really need to crack on with my dissertation.

  • Treats off the boyfriend for finishing my assignments- pretty much self explanatory. I got lovely flowers, some of my favourite wine, and my favourite chocolate.. such a lucky girl!
  • My Friend messing around at uni- this is where we spent most of last week, and this picture was taken after handing one assignment in, which we had stayed up all night doing, and having to crack on with the next one. So we were all a bit sleep deprived. 
  • Chocolate pudding from Domino's- all I have to say if nomnomnom!
  • Dosing up on Lemsip- I have fallen ill....noooooo! Probably due to the lack of sleep and bad diet last week. I'm really pathetic when I'm ill so trying to shift my cold.
  • My green smoothie- back on the health kick, starting with smoothies again for breakfast. It looks pretty gross but it actually is really refreshing and tastes alright!
I hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Fitness Fridays- Jumping Jack Challenge

I am going to start a new feature on my blog, so it is a bit more organised and less random. So I present to you all 'Fitness Fridays!' Each Friday I aim to post a article on a fitness tip, review, or anything fitness related. This will hopefully inspire you to try it the next week, and we can all get fitter together :D

Right girlies, I know a lot of you may have made resolutions to get fit/ loose a few pounds/ tone up/ drop a dress size... Whatever! We would all like to find an easier way to do this. Nobody wants to spend hours in the gym, and eating salad all the time.

Through tumblr I have found a challenge in which burns plenty of calories and takes little time out of your day.

Its the Jumping Jack Challenge! the science is that for every jumping jack a person does they burn 5 calories. So if you do 100 everyday for a week you would loose a pound. (As to loose a pound a person needs to burn 3500 calories, or eat 3500 calories less, a week.)

This is just a guide, so you can tick off days that you reach your target!

100 jumping jacks is really not that much, and won't take more than a few minutes! So come on girls, what are you waiting for?!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Body Scrub Review- Scrub Up Naked

I am obsessed with exfoliating! I love it, the whole process of getting rid of old skin and revealing lovely soft glowing skin.. amazing! (Obviously I don't over do it, as this does
 more harm than good.)

I often find with scrubs that they are not coarse enough for my liking, I actually like to feel the grains against my skin, not just for me to feel once and then for them to disintegrate like many do. 

I have my favourite facial scrub (Find out what it is here!) However I am yet to find a perfect body scrub. The best one I found was a one from Boots' Sanctuary range, it was a salt or sugar scrub.

I wanted to try a new one, so I looked up on Ebay and found a big giant tub of natural sea salt scrub for about £3.50... Bargain! It is made by the Natural Bodycare company, which is based in the UK. They use natural products and are against animal testing... great for such a cheap product! Now for the Review;

The Good

  • It is coarse! Yeah, lots of grainy bits of salt to rub into your skin!
  • This salt does not disintegrate quickly
  • Meaning you you do not have to use much in one wash :D
  • It leaves skin lovely and smooth (obviously this is the required result of a scrub but this scrub makes this smoothness obvious.)
  • It's animal friendly and natural (always a plus)
The Bad
  • The scrub leaves a waxy residue on the skin, this is obviously a result of the product being natural, but I do find it a little too waxy for my liking. (I suppose really the wax is keeping moisture in, but either way I don't like the feel of it.)
Overall I feel I am still looking out for a favourite body scrub, so will probably try something new next time.
Does anyone have a favourite body scrub they would recommend?